A single shareable reference for every feature

Feature development is often messy. Information is spread in many services. featureview is a central hub so you don’t lose track.

Get your feature reference

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01Enter general informationKeep features higher-level. "Email notifications" would be a good one. Adaptations to existing features should be iterations, for example "Quota reached email".
Having them coarse-grained also enables you to use featureview as a list of your software's capabilities.
02Reference relevant resourcesThis can be anything. Jira tickets, requirements docs, campaign links, blogposts, and so on. Everything related shold be referenced here, so that you never have that feeling "I know it exists, but no idea where it is" again.
03Share overviewOther people will also benefit from this overview. Share it with them! It helps create a common understanding about why the feature is important, the value it brings to customers and justifies its time investment.
All feature information in one place

Information is scattered in countless tools. In featureview you can reference everything to keep track of a feature’s lifecycle.

Share with everyone involved

The value of information is multiplied by everybody who benefits from it. Share the feature overview via a secure link to build common understanding.

Experiment and iterate

In featureview iterations are a first-class citizen, helping you to follow product management best practices.

Get one place that contains all relevant information of features

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Rally developersAlign the team on the product’s goals
Enable agile developmentEscape the feature factory and actually iterate on features
Showcase your successDemonstrate your team’s impact
Faster product market fitLive the lean startup life